Building Up Joy

In HIS Presence There is Fullness of JOY!

Building Up Joy... Wherever God Leads Us

Hey there, we’re the Bealers! We are traveling the country in our skoolie, seeking and finding all kinds of Wow God moments, and building up joy with those who we are blessed to meet on this journey! We’re not talking about happiness, which is totally circumstantial, we’re talking about joy… seeing God’s goodness in the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

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Travel History

From a faith aspect we believe that it’s not about where we’ve been, it’s where we’re going that matters. We’re all sinners in need of saving, we all have broken pieces in our past that God can use for His glory, and we were all created to be in a relationship with our Creator. Our purpose here on earth is to continually grow closer to God, allowing Him to change us, and to help others do the same. This life is just temporary but eternity is forever, and where we’ll be spending it is what really matters.

When it comes to our travels, sharing about where we’ve been physically won’t have nearly the impact of our spiritual journey, but we hope it will give you inspiration and some cool suggestions for your own travels.



States We Have Visited So Far In Our Skoolie

US Map with 15 east coast states colored in yellow

Oh the Places to Go…

Check out our recent blog posts to see some of the places that we have enjoyed visiting and think you will too!



Even though Delaware is the second smallest state in size, we found so many fun things to do while we visited. We camped at two different state parks. Lums Pond State Park, in northern Delaware, had very spacious sites with a great playground, a cute camp store, and...

“You Loosened It For Me”

“You Loosened It For Me”

When my oldest son was little, he would often want to help me make dinner. I can still picture his little hands trying to open up a jar with lots of effort but no success. After giving it his all, he would hand it to me, with a look of defeat on his face and ask me to...