Hello! We're the Bealers.

Building Up Joy Wherever God Leads Us
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Joy skoolie traveling on the highway
choosing joy in the journey

A little bit about us…

Hey there, we’re the Bealers and we are traveling the country in our skoolie, using the acronym JOY (also the name of our bus) as our compass.

When our kiddos were younger, we used these three letters to help guide them through their prayers. The J is for JESUS. We did then and still do start our prayers praising Him for all the ways we get to experience Him throughout our day and really just for His incredible goodness. The O is for OTHERS. What a blessing it is to be able to lift up the needs of our family, friends, and even people we may not know to God in prayer. The even bigger blessing is getting to see and talk about how God hears our prayers and answers them according to His good and perfect will.   After the J and the O, comes the Y, which is for YOU. God already knows what resides in the deepest places of our heart, but He loves for us to talk to Him about it all anyway, to lay whatever is on our heart at His feet, to submit it to Him in prayer, and to trust Him with the outcome. 

These same three letters are guiding us on this incredible journey that God has called us to. We are following JESUS & praising Him through the highs, the middles, and the lows. We’re beyond blessed to be able to share His love with all of the new OTHERS we get to meet in our travels. And last the YOU… we’re continuing to grow in our own personal relationships with God while living out the plans that He created us to do and trusting Him with everything that lies ahead.