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In His Presence There Is Fullness of JOY
Bealer Family at Gilette Castle - River

I once heard someone say, “Our dreams become reality when our obedience aligns with God’s plans and purposes.” What began many years ago as a homeschool mom dream of mine to travel the country as a family, God has revealed to us as our purpose.

My dream was to take one year to travel the whole country in an RV, and if I’m being honest, I had it mapped out so we would be in comfortable mid 70 degree temps the whole way. I never imagined that we would be trading in our comfortable sticks and bricks home for a converted school bus and that my well thought out plans would be thrown to the wind in exchange for constant prayers asking God, “Where are we off to next?”

But we’re learning that when God places dreams in our hearts, they also have a much bigger purpose than how we originally perceive them to be. His plans require stepping out of comfort zones, but it’s in that stepping out that we truly learn to trust in Him. His plans also require us to be open to His molding and shaping, but it’s in that process where we can grow into the people He created us to be so we can do the things He created us to do.

In our case, this dream turned into a purpose is not just about traveling the country to see it all in person, it’s about seeing lives changed by sharing the love of God with others wherever He sends us. It’s also about seeing how God is changing us in the process. We invite you to follow along as we document all that God is doing on this journey that He has us on.



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